Timings & Calendar


School Hours

FS1 to FS2
Mondays to Thursdays – 8:00am to 12:15pm
Fridays – 8:00am to 11:55am

Year 1 to 11
Mondays to Thursdays – 7:10am to 2:10pm
Fridays – 7:10am to 11:55am

Year 12 to 13
Mondays to Thursdays – 7:50am to 3:20pm
Fridays: 7:10am– 11:55am

Arrival and Departure
Children should report to school at least 10 minutes before class begins.

If not leaving by bus, they must be collected promptly when classes end at 12.30 p.m. for Early Years students and at 1.45 p.m. for Year 1 to Year 13.

Regular attendance is expected. Prior approval for unavoidable absence, lateness or early withdrawal must be obtained from the Administration Office, not the Class Teacher.

School Calendar 2021-2022




29th August 2021

First day for students

13th - 14th October 2021

Mid-term break for students

4th November 2021

Diwali Holiday

23rd November- 8thDecember 2021

Term 1 Assessment –Year 6

14th to 29th November 2021

Term 1 Assessment –Year 7 to 11

21st November- 7thDecember 2021

Term 1 Assessment –Year 12 & 13

9th December 2021

Last day before Winter Breakforteachers and students

12th December – 30th December 2021



3rd January 2022

First day afterWinter Break forteachers and students

14th – 15th February 2022

Mid-term break forteachers and students

24th March 2022

Last day before Spring Break forteachers and students

28th March – 8th April 2022

Spring Break

11th April 2022

First day after Spring Break forteachers and students

18th April 2022

Easter Holiday

13th – 24th June 2022

Term 3 Assessment –Year 2 to 6

6th – 20th June 2022

Term 3 Assessment –Year 7 to 10

1st July 2022

Last day of the Academic yearfor Students

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