Secondary Stage


Secondary Years School Programme
Years 7 to 11, Key Stages 3 and 4

Highlights of the Phase

Over the years, the IGCSE results are a testimony to the hard work, resilience and passion demonstrated by our students and they have indeed set high standards.Well-implemented programs are designed to foster their Personal social and emotional development- those are associated with positive outcomes, ranging from better academic performance, making right choices, preparing them for the outer-world and improved social behavior.

A global and local perspective is an important element in developing students at Dubai Scholars. Trips, both short and long haul add great value, International Educational trips to places like Shanghai, Singapore & The NASA visitor centers that offer a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Extensive participation from our Students at Inter-school competitions; Student Council led after school extracurricular clubs; & Community outreach programmes; Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns; 30X3 -Dubai Fitness Challenge;

We offer excellent coaching for games such as Hockey, Football, Basketball, & Cricket; Enthusiastic participation of students at the Business Competitions- DS Venturists; Model United Nations; Science Fairs; Art of Giving Campaign; Exemplary musical and theatrical performances; DS Scholars Cup;

Student led online portals such as DS Pulse; Math Masters; Academic Boosters Continued effort by students in schemes that contribute effectively in sustainability and conservation;

Activities include a wide range of both individual pursuits and team building activities for all students to choose from.

The Academic Program

The DS Senior School offers IGCSE qualifications leading to the A Level program. These qualifications are internationally recognized for entry into higher education or employment.

Years 7 to 8

The aim of the Year 7 to 8 Program is to build on the learning from Key Stage 2 and prepare students for success in the IGCSE courses. Following the National Curriculum of England, students study the following subjects:

Curriculum details:

  • English (Language)
  • Second Language (Hindi / French)
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies (Muslim Students) PSHE (For Non-Muslims)
  • Physical Education
  • Information & Communication Technology- (ICT)
  • Moral Education (Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum)

Years 9 to 11:

The aim of the Year 9 to 11 curriculum is to provide a comprehensive course of study that pushes students to develop critical thinking skills beyond rote learning, research and writing skills in order to expand their own academic and developmental progress.

Curriculum details:

Students in Year 9 are offered the following subjects in the IGCSE programme (Ed Excel Board). Choices for the subjects are made during Year 8, which are studied in depth starting in Year 9.

Compulsory Subjects are:

  • English Language
  • Second Language Hindi/French
  • Mathematics
  • Arabic (following the Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum) – Compulsory until Year 10
  • UAE Social Studies – Compulsory until Year 10
  • Islamic Studies (for Muslim students following the Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum)
  • Non-Muslim students to take up Environmental Management.
  • Information & Communication Technology- (ICT)
  • Moral Education (Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum)
  • Physical Education

*Arabic & Islamic Studies are optional for IGCSE Board Exams

Students select four optional subjects (in addition to the above compulsory subjects)

Optional Subjects are: You have to choose any one of the combinations given below

  • Biology or Economics
  • Physics or Business
  • History or Psychology
  • Chemistry or Accounting

Secondary school – Year Groups 7 to 11 students are encouraged to extend themselves both academically and socially. The purpose of the Key Stage 3 Program is to provide students with a wide variety of experiences, an environment whereby they can learn to become responsible independent learners. We are a learning community where we celebrate individualism, embrace diversity and encourage our children to explore the world of infinite opportunities.

At the Secondary level it is of high importance to empower young minds to discover their talents, pursue their passions, exceed expectations, and realize dreams so as to make a positive impact in the world. We believe in integrating technology into their learning which is central to creating the meaningful learning opportunities needed to engage and motivate young learners of today. The school encourages and empowers students at the Secondary level to devise a fulsome engagement plan and execute Community Outreach, Environment and leadership activities that demonstrate their keenness to make a difference around them. Excellent work ethic, initiative, decision making and ownership of creative and innovative projects marks students’ learning.

We strongly believe in the philosophy that students lead their own learning. Student participation in extra-curricular activities takes equal importance alongside academic performance. The practical elements of education at the Secondary involves developing communication skills, looking at future career aspirations, leadership and teamwork.

Curriculum: Secondary Years School Program (Years 7 to 11)

We provide students in our Secondary school with the stimulating National Curriculum of England, leading to IGCSE qualifications and then the A Level program. These qualifications are internationally recognized for entry into higher education or employment.

Sapna Changrani

Vice Principal and Head of Secondary Stage

Admissions Contact