At Dubai Scholars we welcome all students with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination, students who are Gifted and talented and students who are English Additional Language Learners. We commit to ensuring that every child who walks into our school will be included, will be supported and will be a part of our community. The ethos of inclusive practices is embedded within the school culture and curriculum, which is evident across the school.We are committed to identifying, understanding, and breaking down barriers to learning, participation and belonging while aiming to enhance the quality of educational experience for all the students in a common learning environment.

We have a dedicated and highly qualified Inclusion Support team to support our students of determination and our highly abled learners. The inclusion team works in collaboration with the teachers, parents and all other stakeholders to address the different barriers experienced by students. Appropriate strategies / plans are developed to support inclusive education to cater to our diverse student population. We ensure that learning is personalized and adapted to the needs of all the students through quality first teaching.

Inclusion Policy

Dubai Inclusive Education Framework

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