Student Council


Student Council

Student Council Pledge

As members of the Student Council, we strive to abide by our pledge: I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do. I promise to respect myself and others, use resources wisely and uphold the name of my school with honor and pride.

Student Council Values

Foster Leadership

We, as Student Council, want to provide various opportunities for students to acquire the necessary leadership skills.

By the Students, From the Students, For the Students

We want all students to feel engaged in ongoing school activities and we plan to involve them in all the initiatives taken by the Student Council as well as allow them to assist in community causes and organize initiatives with their valuable inputs and ideas.

Represent Students

Voicing out student opinions, empowering them and helping them gain recognition for their efforts is what we stand for as a Student Council.


This is an integral value which has been followed by Dubai Scholars Private School always. We want all the teaching staff and all the students to be respected and their opinions to be taken into consideration, regardless of whether they are in the Council or not.


A team is successful if the team members communicate, contribute to ideas and work together and as a Council we want to adhere to that throughout the academic year.  

Our Vision

We have a two-fold plan: Student Advocacy and Programming. We strive to gather and convey student opinions, appropriately address student concerns, actively represent student views and provide a forum for the student voice. Furthermore, we want to work to incorporate and foster cohesiveness and​ innovation in all school activities and events.

The following is an overview of the vision that Student Council aims to achieve:

Inclusion, Acceptance and Togetherness

Striving Forward, Together

Student Empowerment

Being The Impact

Strategic Communications

Bridging Voices, Building Tomorrow

Academic Focus for Student Body

Unleashing Potentials To Create A Smarter Us

International Student Collaboration

We Are Stronger Together

Create and Continue Traditions Inspired By Our Own

Contact Us!

Please feel free to contact us for any queries or suggestions that you may have. You can use the following platforms to communicate with us:

Instagram: @dsstudentcouncil

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