School Leadership

Frank Scarcelli, Head of School Educational Statement: Educational success and achievement happens in the classroom. The teacher, being the facilitator in the classroom, is paramount in the success of a child at school. It is the infectious love of learning and inquiry displayed by a teacher that inspires students to learn. The short term goal is to empower students with the ability to look at material they’ve never seen before and know what to do with it.  The ultimate goal of any school is to create socially responsible citizens who understand their responsibility within the greater world community. In essence, to be global citizens.”

Suzanne Rodricks, Phase Head Foundation Stage & Lower Primary want to buy Maxalt in usa Educator for 29 years Educational Statement “After completing three decades of my professional life, I realise that what energises me the most is my pursuit of progressive education. Education that is centered on meta-learning, that is built on empowerment, replete with latent possibilities for innovation.”

Samina Rizvi,  clomid 50mg for pct Head of Primary
Educator for 20 years

Educational Statement:
“I am passionate about my job and want to ensure that academic learning begins with motivation and inspiration, the highest standards are maintained by promoting developing and modelling excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.”

Sapna Changrani, Head of Student Support Services/ School Counsellor
Educator for 5 years

Educational Statement: As a Counselor, I strongly believe in the power of change and the emphasis is not on bringing about a change in the way we function, the challenge remains to bring about the change in the way we THINK. Every child is blessed with unique qualities and very often these go untapped and unexplored. Very often, a helping hand, a guiding force, a patient listener is all one needs to flourish and emerge stronger and confident.”

Caroline Silva, Foundation Stage Coordinator
Educator for 6 years

Educational Statement: “Each child is unique with great capacity to learn and have the ability to make positive contributions around them. When children are placed in an enriched environment and trained teachers, they tend to learn quickly and easily. “

Fauzia Waheed, Year 1 Class Teacher/ Coordinator
Educator for 25 years

Educational Statement:
 “Every child is unique in their own right. They can only become independent and strong learners if given the sense of security, love and guidance necessary, in an Enabled Environment. Children need freedom that allows for expression and creativity. They should experiment with their likes and dislikes to find out their weakness and strengths which helps us to mold the curriculum according to their learning style.”

Sapna Krishnan,
 Deputy Phase Head – Lower Primary
Educator for 18 years

 Educational Statement: I believe in progressive education. Education should be focused on overall Child development, where students have the confidence to test ideas by active experimentation. Learning is rooted in the questions of learners that arise through experiencing the world.”

Rachel Vaz, Deputy Phase Head
Educator for 5 years

Educational Statement: “I would like calling students ‘learners’. The lesson plans are carefully thought to inculcate innovative teaching and learning. I enjoy the diversity in my vocation and every new challenge brings out the best in me.”

Aashiya Jassim Shaikh, SENDCO
Educator for 10 years

Educational Statement: “As a Special Education teacher, I believe with all my heart that every child can learn.  Every child has the ability inside them to grow and advance.  Some may learn more than the others and in different ways, but all can learn and should be treated with respect and an open heart.”

Joretta Ghanchi, Head of  Faculty – English
Educator for 24 years

Educational Statement: “I wish for my students to be able to speak their minds while understanding the mind set of others, conquer their fears while reaching out to others, harness their potential while respecting the potential of others so that they give back as they have been given to, by others.”  

Sairah Shaukat, Head of Faculty – ICT
Educator for 18 years 

Educational Statement:
 “Imparting Education is nothing but work of heart.”

Malika Menon, Head of Faculty – Math and Science
Educator for 24 years

Educational Statement: “Excellence is an attitude. We at Dubai Scholars, place high value on the ‘Pursuit of excellence’ and will continue to inculcate in our children the right outlook to not run after success but to chase excellence, in any and everything that they do. Sports, Art or Academics, the mantra that they follow is that they have to be better than what they were yesterday.”

Farhana Erum, 
Head of Faculty – Islamic Department
Educator for 22 years

Educational Statement: Knowledge is a treasure when shared it does not reduce it doubles.”

Smriti Mendonca, Head of Faculty – Humanities
Educator for 15 years

Educational Statement:
 “I strongly believe that all children are capable of learning, if they have the proper motivation and direction from their teachers. I, as a teacher, am aware of the learning, motivation, behavior and development models related to the students and push my students to reach their full potential.”

Dr. Pardeep Kumar, Faculty Head – P.E.
Educator for 4 years

Educational Statement: “Lack of physical activities destroys our good condition, while movement and systematic physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

Aubin Pereira, Faculty Head – Performing Arts
Educator for 11 years 

Educational Statement: “Students are equipped with all the tools for learning. It is a teacher’s job to facilitate and encourage it.”

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars