Dubai Scholars Siblings Club


Siblings Club

At Dubai Scholars, we are fully aware of how challenging it can become for parents to collect their children at different times. Hence, to support our families, we are pleased to offer an after-school Siblings Club which is a safe and convenient facility for our children in FS as they wait for their older siblings to end their school day.

Why register your child at DS Siblings Club?

  • The club supports working parents or who are otherwise engaged in their ad hoc plans.
  • This enables parents to collect their children at the same time or siblings can travel together on the school bus.
  • Children will participate in enriching activities which engages and encourages them to build upon their love for learning and further tap into their highest potential.
  • Helps supports your child’s personal and social skills through extended interaction with other children.

Please note that the child’s seat will be provided on a first come first served basis.

This facility is available for a minimal fee for our DS students. For parents who would like to register their child at DS Siblings club, please contact Ms. Fauzia Waheed at

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