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Dubai Scholars Newsletter 26 February 2023

Celebrating Student Achievements

Unstoppable Hope: A Golden Start to 2023 Swimming Season

This is how Julie Daniella Hope started her racing for 2023 and is glad to share a gist of her success!

She is a student of Year 8 F at Dubai Scholars.

First swimming meet of the year, Emirates Cup Competitive Meet 2023 Long Course (50m) was held at the Hamdan Sports Complex on 4th & 5th February confirmed to the standards of the swimming federation .The event was refereed by Internationally qualified referees, and was attended by 500+ swimmers.

Julie was exposed to a completely different approach during this extremely competitive meet where she moved away from her comfort zone. The six races she took part in were to ensure she was stretched to the maximum by swimming her least preferred races.

She left aside her usual victory- guaranteed freestyle and backstroke races and took up 100m Fly, 200m IM and 50m sprints on all 4 strokes to gain confidence and thereby built her inner strength. Yes, she still proved it’s possible with a Gold on 50m Free, Bronze on 100m Fly and being in the top 10 under 13 age categories.

Hard work and commitment always pay off! Well done to our champion.

Empowering Future Leaders: The Harvard Model Congress

Harvard Model Congress is an eye-opening experience for students to model the roles of members in Congress and discuss, negotiate and resolve real world issues ranging from Wars and conflict to climate change.

Congratulations to our students Abhinav Shankar, Yehansa Bamini, Christa Thomas, Tanisha Goyal, Sithumdi Jayawardhana

Best delegates: Sithumdi Jayawardhana and Tanisha Goyal

Sithumdi Jayawardhana

Tanisha Goyal


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