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Dubai Scholars Newsletter 13 December 2022

Dear Dubai Scholars Parents,

We have reached the end of this successful and happy Term 1 of the academic year. I want to thank the entire DS Community for the support and patience shown these past three months. We had successes and some challenges, yet we continued the work that must be done. Apart from academics, we had some amazing Inter-school sports tournaments, Business competitions, the 30X30Fitness Challenge, Collaboration with schools of special needs, the first season of DS Got Talent, the celebration of special days, festivities, Field trips, to mention the visit to the Fontana Circus, thematic events and activities that promote sustainability, launch of DS Internship program and much more.

My special word of appreciation goes to all the High achievers across the school! We are very proud of your accomplishments, be they academic in nature, or sports-, service- or conduct-related. Your success is the result of your hard work and determination. Put in the same—if not more—on the next goal you wish to achieve and you will make it. There is no end to learning and nothing you cannot achieve. The Power of believing and competing with yourself is the key to a successful journey in school and beyond.

On behalf of the entire Senior Leadership Team and Management of Dubai Scholars, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a restful and happy winter break.

Season’s Greetings for one and all!

We are looking ahead to a fantastic and wonderful 2023!

Frank Scarcelli
Head of School

Congratulations and a big shout out to the students of Dubai Scholars, yet again they have scaled new heights and set new standards

More than 40 students are the proud recipients of the IGCSE Pearson Certificate of Excellence in the May/June 2022 Examinations & 14 of them have received IAL Pearson Certificates of Excellence.

The euphoric moment doesn’t stop there!

The Two students who have been awarded the Outstanding Pearson Learner Award certificate from Pearson in recognition of their academic excellence are Mannat Datta and Guntas Singh.

Mannat Datta

  • Highest Mark in the Middle East for International GCSE Biology
  • Highest Mark in United Arab Emirates for International GCSE Chemistry
  • Highest Mark in the Middle East for International GCSE English Language
  • Outstanding Learner Award Cambridge May/June 2022 Examination series for Environmental Management in recognition of the exceptional performance of Learners around the world.

Video of Mannat Datta


Guntas Singh

  • Highest Mark in United Arab Emirates for International GCSE Chemistry.

Indeed, achievements such as these create a sense of exhilaration and elevation for the entire DS Community!


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