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Dubai Scholars Newsletter 04 March 2023

Dear Parents,

Wearing the hat of the Head of School is a privilege especially when I browse through all our weekly initiatives, I feel extremely proud to share that children and teachers are looking to experience more from their years in education, seeking the skills that not only prepare them for exam or tests but for the real world. Students want the freedom to excel in the areas for which they have passion and interest, while parents and children alike are seeking an education that’s more in tune with each child’s unique needs and skills. This holistic approach at DS is being built on the idea that children can be taught in a more natural and engaging way, inspiring a love of learning that lasts their whole life long. While maintaining a solid base in core subjects – such as mathematics, language, and science – we continue to motivate students to learn naturally through curiosity and creativity. It also means adapting to fit each child’s unique abilities and interests. We see children often develop greater confidence in their abilities while gaining crucial skills needed for a successful career in almost any field. In the best examples of this method, children are no longer confined to the classroom, but out in the community, participating in various competitions, organising events, and learning the far-reaching value of creative expression. This way, students are exposed to a world of opportunity and knowledge that once would have been closed off.

Like every week, I am happy to share this week’s newsletter which shows the best at every stage. Thanking you for your continued support.

Frank Scarcelli
Head of School


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