Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Applications

Dubai Scholars (DS) offers the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), programme, a two year programme. This program, we believe sets clear and sound standards for the learning, development and care of children, promotes teaching and learning and ensures children’s ‘school readiness’ at the end of a two-year period

We believe that such a form of education, greatly benefits children by the time they reach traditional school ages- 5 years old in year 1. Children who have a two-year FS programme are better equipped to learn, are able at self-help skills, and overall more prepared for the demands of formal schooling.

Our EYFS program allows optimum time to provide a range of opportunities to all children enabling them to grow at their own rate, develop holistic concepts of the world around them, and prepare for the next steps without any gaps.

DS supports and is committed to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children in the early years.

For students admitted to the Early Years Program, upon confirmation of admission, parents are required to mail the following documents to the Admissions Office. You will be guided by the admission team of the same

  • Nursery/FS1 Report (Proof of Child attended nursery/FS1) for FS2 admission
  • 1 PP size photograph
  • 1 copy of the passport with valid visa – applicant & both parents.
  • 1 copy of the Emirates ID of the applicant and both parents.
  • 1 copy of the immunization card (vaccination card) photocopy
  • Medical forms from the school which will be mailed to you.
  • Any medical reports or SEN reports relevant to your child’s application or learning needs if applicable.

Fees due at the time of acceptance/when completing admission procedure


Admission is granted at the discretion of the Head of School and KHDA approval.

When school seats for Early Years Foundation programme are unavailable at Dubai Scholars, you may contact our sister school in Sharjah, Scholars International Academy, at 06 519 7000 or visit their website at www.scholarsinternationalacademy.com

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars