Synthesis of Learning (SoL)


The concept at a glance:

Synthesis of Learning (SoL) is based on a well- researched and effective pedagogical strategy used by leading educational institutes across the globe.
The main objective is to engage students into a deep dive of their learning through authentic and meaningful learning experiences. This is done by allowing them to leverage their discrete learning knowledge to investigate and respond to a real world, complex question, problem, or challenge for the timeframe dedicated using a Project Based Approach.


A brief understanding of SoL

Students need to take on challenges and opportunities with veracity, necessary technical know-how and the confidence to execute well thought-out solutions with precision and perseverance.
Synthesis of Learning’ helps us achieve this vision by utilizing a Project-Based Learning approach where students develop their understanding and reflect on concepts taught in class work during the day, by giving them an opportunity to apply them to real-world concerns.


Why choose SoL for my child?

    • It deepens and creates meaning to the learning happening during the school day
    • It encourages innovation and creativity
    • Project-based learning is a student centric approach that aids mastering 21st century skills
    • It gives the tools for the students to be prepared for the “real world”

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* Kindly note that the SoL program is available for Dubai Scholars students only.

Please contact our Admissions Manager Mrs. Mariette Mehra on 04 -706 9000 or by email on for registration or any further information you may need.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars