priligy generic cheap The School’s Promotion Policy is that all students will be promoted to the next year level, except in rare circumstances. It is recognized that students do their best work in school when they are placed in a year group with other students of their same chronological age or the peer group they started school with.

There may be occasions when cases are initiated for the retention of students based on the judgment of the teaching staff, where it is believed that there will be a high probability of academic benefit to the student. In such cases, the whole child’s need will be taken into consideration: eg. academic, social, emotional, psychological, medicalconditions.Teachers must identify as early in the school year, as possible, if they or a parent have a concern regarding a recommendation that may eventually lead to retaining the student. All concerns are brought to the notice of the Principal and the school leadership. After School leadership meetings, the parent/guardian will be notified and a meeting arranged. Parents will be provided with evidence and concerns and an opportunity to discuss and share knowledge and experience to the concerns raised. Parents and the teacher(s) will be presented with the research on retention. Before any recommendations are made for retention, the school will propose ways to support the child in making progress and reaching his/her potential including adaptations to the teaching program and providing additional support where possible.The school will report interventions along with progress to parents/guardians regularly.

If a concern still remains, a recommendation can be made to the Principal for retention. If a child is retained, there must be evidence of a Learning Plan put in place that clearly sets out the targeted interventions with necessary adaptations of effective instructional strategies and measurable success criteria to meet the student’s needs. The parent is to have a supportive role in drawing up the plan. The SENCO will consult and receive input from parents, sending and receiving teachers in drawing up the Learning Plan.

A designated Special Needs student is not to be retained. If a student is not making the expected progress, the objectives in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) may need to be adjusted. A recommendation for retention should not contravene any regulations as set out by UAE MOE; KHDA; or the regulatory body for the English National Curriculum of the UK. A recommendation for retention will be submitted to the KHDA on the form provided by the school and signed by the parent and the Principal. After consultation and collaboration with parents and relevant staff regarding recommendations for retention the final decision will be made by the Principal. If a parent is not satisfied with the Principal’s decision it may be appealed to KHDA within 10 days. For further information, please see the school Principal.

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