Inclusion Policy

Purpose:This policy sets out the school’s commitment to continue to work towards a more inclusive system within the school.

Policy Statement:Dubai Scholars is a part of the local community and we welcome all students into our school. We believe that inclusion is really about making our school a reflection of our community and we commit to ensure that any child who walks into our school will be included, will be supported and will be a part of our community. We make it our responsibility to make accommodations to ensure that all our students are engaged in a rigorous and relevant learning programme.

Our commitment: We are committed to identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to learning, participation and belonging, while aiming to enhance the quality of educational experience for all the students by helping them play a full part in this school through-out their learning journey.



Core Features:

Whole School: Every member of the school community, including teachers, support staff, families, medical team, parent volunteers and students, work collaboratively to ensure students can access and participate in all aspects of school life.

Accessible Learning Environments: The educational setting of our school and classrooms are being remodeled and infrastructure improvised to enable students of all abilities, identities and backgrounds, to access and fully participate in learning.

Committed Leaders:All leaders are committed to and are accountable for implementing inclusive practices. They continue to embed an inclusive ethos which is evident and understood across the school.

Skilled Work Force: Leaders, teachers, support staff and parent volunteers build on their expertise to propagate inclusive education practices. Best practices, continuous professional learning and mentorship are encouraged and supported.

Collaboration with students, families and community: Students, parents and external organizations including professionals from various fields are valued partners in implementing inclusive practices.

Respecting and valuing diversity: Our aim is to embrace and showcase diversity as a strength and support respectful relationships within the school community & between our students. We address the different barriers experienced by students and develop strategies / plans to support inclusive education to cater to our diverse student population.


This policy will be reviewed in 2019 to ensure that we successfully continue our journey towards a more inclusive education system.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars