buy Pregabalin online eu Health and Safety

mail order prednisone Admittance of your child into Dubai Scholars requires adherence to the following regulations.

DS takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of the children in its care. As per the Child Protection Policy certain regulations are set forth. Parents have the responsibility to keep sick children home from school during periods of illness. Vaccination requirements by the government must be strictly adhered to. All sickness, illness, injury or medical conditions shall be treated without delay. No physical violence of any kind will be tolerated at the school, including physical violence from care-givers, visitors, staff parents or fellow students. Emotional safety is also recognized. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at DS and will not be tolerated. The Child Protection Policy can be found in full on our school communicator.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

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