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SIA understands the impact that attendance and punctuality has on a child’s learning. To that extent, SIA’s policy will be emphasized in school newsletters and school events and be celebrative of a child’s good attendance.

Teachers will emphasize the School Attendance and Punctuality policy to parents at the beginning of the school year.

Parents will be encouraged to have their children in on time and attend school every day possible during the year. The maximum number of allowed absent days for a child is 7 days (using 178 teaching days with a 96% attendance requirement).

Attendance will be taken every day from 07:55 am to 08:00 am by the Form Teacher.

Absences are considered acceptable only for the following reasons:

  • Illness of child
  • Illness of an immediate family member
  • Death in the family
  • Religious holidays of the child’s own faith
  • Scheduled medical or dental appointment

If it is necessary for a child to be absent, parents are required to inform the school beforehand. This can only be done by informing the teacher through the Parent portal. Excessive absences during the school year may jeopardize the promotion of a child to the next grade and may result in the child not being offered a seat for the following year. Being late and leaving school early also count on a child’s attendance. A child who arrives after 8: 00 am (unless due to bus) will be reflected as late. A child who leaves before 2:20 p.m. is counted as leaving early.

Teachers will track student attendance so that they can intervene appropriately if required:

Form Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of the day. If a child arrives after the bell has rung, they will need to first go to Caroline in admin where she will adjust the child’s attendance appropriately in Global Campus and get a from her. The child will be escorted to the class by an Admin TA.

If a child leaves early, they will need to first go to Caroline with a proper authorization note and await pickup by the authorized person. Caroline will also login to Global Campus and adjust the child’s attendance appropriately in lieu of the teachers.

On the school attendance system, attendance for all children will be automatically noted as present whereupon the teacher (or Caroline) will need to reflect any required change. The different parameters are:

Value Name Description
P In school & On time In school & On time
P Present but valid late Late to school for one of the valid reasons above
L Present but invalid late Late to school but not for one of the valid reasons above
EV Present but valid early Left school early for one of the valid reasons above
E Present but invalid early Left school early but not for one of the valid reasons above
(A)(B)(M)(R) Absent but valid Absent but valid Absent for one of the valid reasons above
U Absent but invalid Absent but not for one of the valid reasons above
U Absent without notice Not in school and without notification

* There is also another field for the teacher to make a remark.


For Ministry requirements, a child will be ultimately noted as Present or Absent.

For Internal School Requirements, the following value system will be applied.

Students will be deducted points based on:

Present but invalid late or early = 5 points
Absence but invalid = 25 points
The starting point total = Number of Student days in the term X 25

The final number would then be converted into a percentage and given a weight age in the subject grade of a child. See Assessment Policy.

This is to ensure that parents and students respect the need for children to be in school as required.



  • If a child is absent for more than 3 days or accumulates more than 175 points, then the Teacher / Vice Principal will be alerted. The Vice Principal will call in the Parent.
  • If a child accumulates more than 25 points in a calendar month, then the Teacher / Vice Principal will be alerted. The Vice Principal will call in the Parent.
  • If a child is absent without notice, then the system will alert the Teacher / Registrar / Primary Head / Vice Principal / Principal. At 8:30 am the Registrar will need to contact the affected Parents to get to the root cause. The child would then be placed as Absent but valid (A) or Absent but invalid (U)


  • If a child is absent, it is important for the Teacher(s) to inform the Parent of the missed work. This can be done by sending over the lesson plans.
  • If Caroline is not in, it is Mai’s responsibility to fill in for her.
  • Administration will ensure that they have the contact information for both parents on file.
  • For a child that is present every day for the full calendar month, there is a reward as consistent with the behavior policy.
  • If a child is not well, he/she should not come to school. If a child is perceived as not well in school, he/she should be sent to the School Nurse for diagnosis and a potential parent pick up. We do not want to risk affecting the other children.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars