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Girl Up ignites the empowerment of girls, by girls around the world. In partnership with the United Nations, it stands up for girls, speak up for programs that help them thrive, and rise up as a community of advocates out to change the world, for good. Girl Up Clubs are Girl Up’s top supporters. Girl Up Clubs are formed by groups of dedicated youth who have joined together to take action and change lives, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up simultaneously.

Girl Up is a growing grassroots movement and Girl Up Clubs are leading the way. The first step towards global gender equality begins through change in our communities. Girl Up Club Dubai Scholars aspires to empower women and advocate for women rights through student-led events, awareness programs and initiatives. By proposing the Girl Up Club at Dubai Scholars, we wish to empower the passionate voices of students at Dubai Scholars and their eagerness to make an impact in the world.

The Girl Up club will serve as a virtual club during the summer break and school year and will target raising awareness on issues faced by women around the world such as domestic violence, period poverty, glass ceiling in the modern world, FGM, etc. Since it strives for global gender equality, an equally important branch of Girl Up Club Dubai Scholars will aim to tackle the complex issues faced by men from the stigmatized mental health for men, unrealistic expectations due to toxic masculinity, etc. Much of the equality we strive for is not achieved. This club is our way of making an impact in the communities we live in.

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“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars