Oxford Big Read Competition 

Very pleased to announce that 2 students of our school stood 1st, in the Oxford Big Read Competition, held this year…Read More. 

24th November 2016

The culmination of the CineMagic Film Festival took place on the 24th November 2016 at the CineMagic Spectacular Awards Nite at the Dubai Scholars…Read More.

Gratitude is Reflective
2016 – 2017

The 40th year of Dubai Scholars Private School (2016-2017) is marked as the Year of Gratitude…Read more

A Day of Peace
7th September 2016

The students at Dubai Scholars celebrated peace in the simplest way. One powerful way of doing that was to light a candle and Pray for World Peace.


Saluting Islamic Values
19th September 2016

An event help to inculcate Islamic values and share an understanding that ‘Islam Calls towards Peace…Read more.




One World Many Stories
September 2016

The Oxford Big Read Competition organised where the students were asked to read the book given to them…Read more. 


Celebrating Dignity of
30th September 2016

To commemorate Dubai scholars’ presence as a school group for 40 years, the students from A levels did their bit for 40 Blue collar workers…Read more.


Healthy Living Happy Living

10th October 2016

The state of our health is not only related to our diet but a healthy child also has a higher chance of long-term physical well being… Read more.



4844405Green Lives Matter Campaign
October 2016

‘The Green Programme – Green Lives Matter Campaign’. Theatrics and hands-on activities to convey the message of Environmental Conservation to the students of the Foundation Stage…Read more.





Global School Play Day
16th October 2016

A wonderful concept that allows our children to inspire & innovate! Global School Play Day more than just a day of play…Read more.



Investiture Ceremony & Understanding the Role of a Student Council
19th October 2016

A new improvised process of electing members of the Student Council took place in 2016-2017.  An Investiture ceremony that….Read more.




Breast Cancer Awareness Programme
22nd October 2016

Dubai Scholars Private School hosted an event titled ‘Hope’, as a part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, on the 22nd of October, 2016, at the school auditorium…Read more.




Active Participation at WhatWorks Happiness
24th October 2016

At What Works Happiness, educators from across Dubai shared the positive results that come from placing happiness at the centre of a teacher’s lesson plan…Read more

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars