UAE National Flag Day
November, 2017

Dubai Scholars Celebrated UAE National Flag Day.
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Fitness Challenge
November, 2017

Dubai Scholars participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2017…Read More.

Arabic Week
November, 2017

Arabic Week at Dubai Scholars supports…Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness
October, 2017

Many Congratulations to the Student Council & Parent Forum of Dubai Scholars…Read More.

Ethnic Day Celebration 
October, 2017

Respecting Diversity & Embracing each other’s background…
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DS Innovators Fair 2017-2018

October, 2017

Students from Year Group 7-11 showcase their innovative/ creative Ideas…Read more.

International Teachers Day
October, 2017

Students of Dubai Scholars….
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Investiture Ceremony

October 2017

A warm welcome to the Student Council 2017-2018…Read more.

Values of Islam
October 2017

Senior Students of Dubai Scholars conducted a special Assembly…Read More.

DS Green Community
September, 2017

Eat Green, Wear Green, Support Green… Plant Trees..Read More.


Prayers for Peace
September, 2017

Students of Dubai Scholars Begin their day with a Prayer for Peace!! This event marks the first event of the academic year 2017-2018

One World, One Family

May, 2017

Dubai Scholars has enough surprises in store to put all doubts to rest that excellence can surpass itself when minds and hearts work in tune! Year Groups 7 -10 had an absolute fun day full of learning and sharing of knowledge 4th May 2017!! You have to see to believe.Famous Countries of the World under one roof, China, Mexico, Nepal, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand, France and so on.

Pi Day
April, 2017

Math Wizards of Dubai Scholars celebrated Pi Day.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars