After School Clubs

After-school clubs are basically student led clubs, they continue to be a great success and we are again proud to be able to offer a large variety of clubs for the new academic year 2017-2018.

To enable School Clubs to run as safely and enjoyably as possible for all concerned, guidelines have been introduced and the policy set out below has been drawn up. 

School run clubs are run at a minimum cost per child per session. Fees charged contribute to paying for resources. Outstanding costs to the school are covered by the delegated budget as part of the ongoing SIP priority of curriculum enrichment in school. All clubs run by school are run on ‘not for profit’ basis.

Clubs Membership Fees
AED 50/- First Term
AED 25/- Second Term
Club Timings and Days    
2:00pm to 3:15pm

Video Gaming Club
Art & Design
Sports Clubs

  • Student can sign up for any one of the above clubs only
  • Minimum of one Term has to be signed up

School & Club responsibilities:

  • Children wishing to join clubs must choose from the selection presented to them, Student Council Members along with their Deputy in charge will be responsible for the smooth Functioning of the Clubs.
  • Ensure that the children are appropriately supervised throughout the period of their attendance and at the end of Club meetings
  • Head of Student Support & Head of Student Council along with Mid-leadership Management will oversee the club activities.
  • Club leaders promote acceptable behaviour by children by their own example.
  • Ensure the health, attendance and safety of children attending the Club.
  • Clubs will be successful if all attendees join with commitment, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Club leaders reserve the right to ask pupils to leave the clubs if behaviour is disruptive or inappropriate

Parents & Carers – Responsibilities

  • Enroll their child/ren by signed slip or children’s choice, to a Club of their choice, for a minimum of a term. Parents have to give written permission to the school for their child’s attendance
  • Parents and carers are to pick up or arrange for children to be picked up from clubs promptly. Persistent lateness here could result in a child not being able to continue attending a club. Please note the club finish times. For safeguarding reasons the school admin office must be informed if for any reason your child is unable to attend. Please sign below to indicate your acknowledgement.
  • The school’s behaviour and anti-bullying policy applies to all out of school activity sessions. Ensure that their child/ren understand that in order to attend clubs they must behave appropriately during class times and during club times. Failure to comply could result in a child and parents being barred from all out of school activities.


“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars