Terms and Condition

A completed Application Form does not oblige the school to accept your child. However, once you have been notified of your child’s placement decision and the registration and relevant term fees have been paid, a contract is deemed to exist between the school and the parents/guardians, provided that the school regulations are observed. The school reserves the right to place your child in a class deemed to be the most appropriate, within the bounds of the KHDA guidelines.

Age Criteria will be as per the KHDA Regulations.Order of Priority.

  • Siblings of Current Students
  • General Enrollments

Application Fee

The onetime non-refundable, non-transferable Application Fee of AED 500/- is due at the time of application.
Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, Books & Uniform Fees to be paid at the time of admission. Confirmation is Non-Refundable. Not sure what is meant by confirmation is non-refundable. Also doesn’t KHDA have refund guidelines that we have to adhere to.

Tuition Fee

Please refer to the information on fees given on the “Tuition Fees” pagefor the relevant academic year.

Payment of fees can be made by cash or cheque.


The Parent(s) or Guardian, whose signature(s) appear(s) on the Contract, shall be liable to Dubai Scholars for the payment of outstanding School Fees.

Contact Information

Parent(s) agree(s) to inform Dubai Scholars of any changes to their contact details, ensuring that they can be reached at any time via email.

All students enrolled in school should be under the care of the Parent(s) or authorized guardian and should not be residing independently.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars