Admission Guidelines

Please be guided by the following information in order to understand the process.


As per the KHDA regulations for British curriculum schools, the child should be born before 31st August of the year of admission. The age criteria are given below.

FS1 3 Years
FS2 4 Years
Year 1 5 Years
Year 2 6 Years

For Year Group 3 and above the child will be placed in the class based on the TC from the previous school.


  • •   Applying online – Refer ‘Admissions Application’ tile on the landing page of the website and fill in the application form.
  • •   Pay AED 500/- application fee, (nonrefundable/nonadjustable) by visiting the school.
  • •   Go through the interaction / entry level test as applicable (you will be guided after the application fee is paid) and get the offer of
    admission as applicable.
  • •   Pay the class-appropriate initial fee to reserve a seat (timeline – 3 working days including Saturdays).
  • •   Email the personal documents for Father, Mother – PP copy, visa page and EMID copy of the applicant/s and both the
    along with the school documents emailed by the school.
  • •   Buy books uniform/resources after paying the relevant fee when notified.
  • •   Complete the KHDA registration and Parent School Contract signing when intimated.
  • •   School commences end August/early September 2022 (exact date will be notified in the month of August 2022).


    • Application fee  (non-refundable/non-adjustable)               AED 500/-
    • Admission Fee                                                                    AED 1500/-
    • Tuition fee (class appropriate)                                            Refer Table below
    • Transport fee (If applicable – as per location)                    Refer website
    • Books/uniform/Resources/Ed-Tech                                    Class appropriate


Year Group  Tuition Fee 1st Term  Tuition Fee       2nd Term  Tuition Fee       3rd Term  Total  10%  of Annual tuition fee  Admission  Fee (One Time-Non Refundable) Total 
FS1 5,856/- 4,391/- 4,391/- 14,638 1,463.80 1500 2,963.80
FS2 6,065/- 4,550/- 4,550/- 15,165 1,516.50 1500 3,016.50
Year 1 to 4 6,960/- 5,219/- 5,219/- 17,398 1,739.80 1500 3,239.80
year 5 to 7 7,059/- 5,294/- 5,294/- 17,647 1,764.70 1500 3,264.70
Year 8 to 10 7,480/- 5,609/- 5,609/- 18,698 1,869.80 1500 3,369.80
Year 11 9,349/- 9,349/- 18,698 1,869.80 1500 3,369.80
Year 12 13,779/- 13,778 27,557 2,755.70 1500 4,255.70
* Any amendment in the fee based on KHDA approval will be adjusted in the ensuing payment schedule of the child.         


  • • Timings for the accounts department are between 2.30pm to 4pm on Sunday through Thursday and between 8 am to 11.30 am on Saturday.
  • • Admission is based on availability of seats, interaction/assessment and on a first come first served basis.
  • • Students applying for FS1 & FS2 will have an interaction. Year 1 to Year 6 will have an entry level assessment. For year 7 and above, an interview will be held with the phase head provide the academic attainment of the child is of GPA 6 and above. Please note that due to Covid 19 protocols, the process may be modified and notified to you.
  • • Admission details of Year 9/10 and 11 (the O level program) may be referred Here.
  • • Sixth form (Year 12 or AS level) admission details can be referred Here.
  • It is imperative that information about your child’s physical/medical/behavioural
    concerns if any, is brought to the attention of the admissions department /School Medical /inclusion department which is a mandate by the KHDA.
  • • Before applying for admission at Dubai Scholars, please confirm with the transport department the availability of school transport to your residence if you wish to avail of school transport.
  • Refund on cancellation of admission prior to the start of the academic year will be based on the KHDA guidelines for refund. No refund request will be accepted once the academic year has commenced in September 2022.
  • • Tuition fee may be paid yearly or term-wise by way of cash, cheque, or credit card. We are happy to inform you that we have partnered with ENBD and DIB for an interest-free payment of school fee. The parent will have to make the full fee payment using their relevant Credit Card (any type) and will have to contact the bank’s call center or using the bank’s online banking portal to convert this payment into an easy 0% interest instalment plan. A one-time processing fee of AED 49 is charged to the parent at the time of conversion to the instalment plan. A minimum payment of AED 1000 is to be made to avail of the interest-free plan.
  • • Tuition /transport fee is charged for ten months of the academic year (September through June) and will be paid term-wise. If a child joins school after the commencement of the academic year, the relevant fee will be paid from the month of joining.


  • • All admissions are subject to possession of valid residence visa/Emirates ID for the applicant and sponsor. These documents must be mailed to us within 1 week of the confirmation of admission. Delay in submitting the documents may result in the cancellation of admission by the KHDA for which the school does not hold any liability.
  • • KHDA REGISTRATION – Every new student must be registered with the KHDA using the original EID of the student and one of the parents through KHDA card reader.
  • • PARENT SCHOOL CONTRACT – This contract drawn by the KHDA between the parent and the school must be signed by the parent/s of a new student. Delay in signing of the PSC may cause disruption in schooling if not signed within 1 day of receiving the ‘Workflow notification’ mail from the KHDA for which the school will not be held responsible.
  • • If a student is starting school from a lower class than is prescribed by KHDA as per the age, the KHDA DEMOTION FORM must be filled/signed. The parent will not be able to change the choice of class once the demotion form is filled/admission offered to a particular year group.
  • • Copy of the attested Transfer Certificate from the previous school (For Year group 3 and above) is to be handed over not later than one month from the date of joining. Details of TC attestation process for students outside of the UAE may be obtained from the admissions department.
  • • No TC is required for students joining FS1/FS2 to Year 2 if the child is not registered with any school in Dubai and is joining DS for the first time.
  • • Kindly Note that all preschool vaccinations must be administered to the student as prescribed by the DHA/government prior to joining Dubai Scholars Private School.

We welcome you to Dubai Scholars, a vibrant community of students and teachers where every day is carefully planned with the sole purpose of offering a happy learning experience to our students.  We invite you to  visit us on Facebook or Instagram and enjoy the Dubai Scholars experience.


Looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding association in the years ahead!
Stay fine and in good cheer!


Warm regards
Mariette Mehra | Admissions Manager

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars