Admission Guidelines 2021-2022

We are pleased to announce the opening of admissions for the academic year 2021-2022. Please be guided by the following information in order to understand the process.


As per the KHDA regulations for British curriculum schools, the child should be born before 31st August of the year mentioned against the class to be eligible to seek admission for the year 2021-2022.

FS1 2018
FS2 2017
Year 1 2016
Year 2 2015
Year 3 2014
Year 4 2013
Year 5 2012
Year 6 2011
Year 7 2010
Year 8 2009
Year 9 2008
Year 10 2007
Year 12 2005


  • Applying online – Refer ‘Admissions’ tab and fill in the form provided.
  • Pay AED 500/- application fee, nonrefundable (visit to school/by way of bank transfer.  The bank details are given below)
  • For school visit the timing is between 3pm to 5pm on Sunday through Thursday and between 8 am to 11 am on Saturday.
  • Email the personal documents PP copy, visa page and EMID copy of the applicant and both the parents.
  • Go through the admission process (you will be guided after the application fee is paid) and get offer of admission.
  • Pay the relevant initial fee (refer table below) and receive the confirmation of admission within 10 days from the offer of admission.
  • Mail the school documents such as medical /transport etc., as notified by the school.
  • Buy books uniform/resources after paying the relevant fee as guided.
  • Complete the KHDA registration and Parent School Contract signing when intimated.
  • School commences end August/early September 2021 (exact date will be notified once confirmed by the KHDA)



  • Admission is based on availability of seats, interaction/assessment and on a first come first served basis.
  • Students applying for FS1 will have an interaction. FS2 and above will have assessment. However, due to Covid 19 protocols, the process may be modified and notified to you. 
  • Admission details of Year 9/10 and 11 (the O level program) may be referred Here.
  • Sixth form (Year 12 or AS level) admission details can be referred Here.
  • It is imperative that information about your child’s physical/medical/behavioural concerns if any, is brought to the attention of the admissions department /School Medical /inclusion department in order to receive proper guidance to admission.  



  • The application fee of AED 500 may also be paid through bank transfer.  The details are below

         Account Number                   : 012000868505

         BAN                                      : AE460380000012000868505

         Account Name                      : DUBAI SCHOLARS PRIVATE SCHOOL

         Bank Name                           : National Bank of Fujairah,

         SWIFT Code                         :  NBFUAEAF

In the field of ‘Reason/reference’ of online transfer through your bank, please mention the name of the child/grade applied for and the GR Number (where applicable) and mail the image of the bank transfer slip to

  • On the offer of admission, the fee payable to confirm admission is illustrated in the table below.



Year Group  Tuition Fee 1st Term  Tuition Fee       2nd Term  Tuition Fee       3rd Term  Total  10%  of Annual tuition fee  Admission  Fee (One Time-Non Refundable) Total 
FS1 5,856/- 4,391/- 4,391/- 14,638 1,463.80 1500 2,963.80
FS2 6,065/- 4,550/- 4,550/- 15,165 1,516.50 1500 3,016.50
Year 1 to 4 6,960/- 5,219/- 5,219/- 17,398 1,739.80 1500 3,239.80
year 5 to 7 7,059/- 5,294/- 5,294/- 17,647 1,764.70 1500 3,264.70
Year 8 to 10 7,480/- 5,609/- 5,609/- 18,698 1,869.80 1500 3,369.80
Year 11 9,349/- 9,349/- 18,698 1,869.80 1500 3,369.80
Year 12 13,779/- 13,778 27,557 2,755.70 1500 4,255.70
*  any amendment in the fee based on KHDA approval will be adjusted in the next payment schedule of the year    2021-2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



  • Before applying for admission at Dubai Scholars, please confirm with the transport department the availability of school transport to your location of stay if you wish to avail of school transport facility.
  • If the admission is cancelled at any time after confirming it, the initial fee paid is nonrefundable..
  • Tuition /transport fee, is charged for ten months of the academic year (September through June), but is to be paid term-wise. If a child joins school after the commencement of the academic year, the relevant fee will be paid from the month of joining.
  • Tuition fee may be paid yearly or term-wise by way of cash, cheque or credit card or through the SKIPLY APP (RAK BANK APPLICATOIN).  Details will be sent along with the offer of admission. 
  • Books/Uniform fee is class appropriate and will have to be paid before the  commencement of the academic year.  The school will notify you regarding the same. 
  • The Fees being charged are as applicable for the year 2020-2021. Any change for the year 2021-2022 based on the KHDA’s approval, will be charged in the following payment schedule of the child.


  • All admissions are subject to possession of valid documents such as residence visa/Emirates ID and completion of the KHDA guidelines for admission.  Non-compliance of the set rules by the KHDA may result in cancellation of admission.  
  • The parent when notified by the school will have to register the child using the original EID of the student and one of the parents through KHDA electronic registration.  In the event the COVID 19 protocols continue, the school will manually register the child and notify you to sign the contract. 
  • The parent is required to sign the Parent School Contract (PSC) drawn by the KHDA to complete the admission process. Delay in signing of the PSC may cause disruption in schooling if not done before the deadline.
  • If a student is starting from a lower class than is prescribed by KHDA as per the year of birth, the KHDA DEMOTION FORM should be filled/signed. The parent will not be able to change the choice of class once the demotion form is filled/admission offered to a particular year group.
  • Copy of the attested Transfer Certificate from the previous school (For Year group 2 and above) is to be handed over not later than one month from the date of joining. Details of TC attestation process for students outside of the UAE may be obtained from the admissions department.
  • No TC is required for students joining FS1/FS2 and Year 1 if the child is not registered with any school in Dubai and is joining DS for the first time. 
  • Kindly Note that all preschool vaccinations are mandatory to take admission at Dubai Scholars. 

We welcome you to Dubai Scholars, a vibrant community of students and teachers where every day is carefully planned with the sole purpose of offering a happy learning experience to our students.  We invite you to  visit us on Facebook or Instagram and enjoy the Dubai Scholars experience.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars