Continuous Learning for Staff at DS

From its opening four decades ago to the school we attend today the vision and mission has remained constant – to provide an exceptional educational opportunity to all who are admitted to Dubai Scholars.

At Dubai Scholars, we recognize the importance of continuous learning not only for students but also for staff. In order for our school, educators and students to keep up with changes we see in our world, we must also keep current with new educational directions and best practice to give our students the education they will need as they go forward into the world beyond DS. To achieve that goal, we support our educators by delivering high-quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

All teaching staff participate in CPD in a weekly, ongoing program. Our teaching faculty uses learning journals to reflect upon the best practices to empower through relevant learning experiences that improve student achievement, with the goal of strengthening pedagogical content knowledge, teachers being more adaptable and flexible, and students to be more accountable as the task of learning becomes theirs. 

At Dubai Scholars, we realize that the challenge of the modern classroom is its increasing diverse skills for both teachers and students.

Our Vision Slogan for CPD, coined in 2017, is “All in from Within”. Our vision encourages all faculty and staff to be involved in continuous professional development and asks that every DS educator be fully vested in their own improvement. Each year, CPD forums include Triadic Mentorship, Teacher Conferences, Podcasts, Videos on DS Learn, Train & Share series, Certifications, Online course upgrades, and In-person workshops.  We believe that our strong CPD brings Dubai Scholars best teacher practice as our school, teachers and students face the future.

“A good education is the most important thing we can give our children”

- Ms. Aparna Verma, Founder, Dubai Scholars